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Focusing on STO & Equity Funding.
Investing in revolutionary and disruptive start-ups.

We specialize in launching STO products

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If you are seeing a payment to it means you have purchased a product or service at one of our websites. These include the following:

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STO Advising


We will refer you to a trusted partner who offers the following STO advisory services:

  • Analysis of whitepaper
  • Token Issuer Referral
  • Technology Solutions Roadmap
  • Suitable Corporate Structure
  • Preparation of the Offering Memorandum/Prospectus
  • Legal jurisdiction Recommendations
  • Offering Regulation
  • Opening Bank Accounts Assistance
  • Network contacts
  • Implementation of KYC
  • Recommendations to improve
  • STO implementation and launch

We are supporters of the lightning network protocol. is our tool to educate the public.


Domain Names Owned by BlockVentures


We are looking at partnering with other companies to develop the following domain names in exchange for equity or we may consider a buyout, contact us with an offer:

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What does Block Ventures do?

We specialize in building practical solutions for the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. Our goals are to design products people can use. was designed to offer up-to-date news and showcase the technology behind the lightning network. We believe this technology offers the best possibility of bitcoin scaling.

What is

This property focuses exclusively on digital securities & security tokens. We feature industry and legislative news, interviews with industry leaders, and token listings.

Will you invest in our company?

We currently focus on investing in digital securities including STOs, and security tokens. We specifically target platforms that will benefit the digital securities marketplace. We only invest in companies that we believe in.

What’s the cost of advertising?

Please contact us using the contact form below to learn more about our different rates.

Where are you located?

Our head office is headquartered in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands. We do business in San Francisco, and Toronto for extended periods of time. Our news writers are international.

What is Unite.AI?

We believe that AI will be as transformative as electricity. This is our news site uniting the AI community. Visit Unite.AI

Can I get you as an advisor to our STO?

We no longer offer advisory services, contact us and we will refer you to a trusted company that offers these services.

We are receptive to partnerships.

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Our Team

Antoine Tardif
Rebecca Stoner
Founder/Investment Analyst
Joshua Stoner
David Hamilton


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We are currently searching for investment, advisory, and partnership opportunities in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.

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    Investing in revolutionary and disruptive start-ups.

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